Decentralized AI applications

A workshop about the intersection of AI with blockchains and smart contracts.

17 Dec 2017, 10 AM - 4:30 PM, Bengaluru

This workshop is a follow-up to the talk “Decentralized AI” by Gene Kogan on December 12, which is about the intersection of artificial intelligence with decentralization technologies such as blockchains and smart contracts. Primary sub-topics include blockchain mechanics and cryptography, federated learning, and security considerations. Relevant platforms will be introduced. The tentative syllabus is as follows:

cryptography prerequisites

  • public key cryptography
  • hashing and proof-of-work
  • smart contracts
  • TUTORIAL: digital signatures


  • how blockchains work
    • Bitcoin protocol
    • TUTORIAL: proof-of-work on simple blockchain
  • survey of cryptocurrencies
  • second-generation blockchain applications
    • Namecoins, colored coins, smart properties, tokens
    • distributed data, BigchainDB
  • deconstructing blockchains
    • blockchain as a state-transition system
    • Ethereum
  • decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO)

machine learning

  • deep learning
    • applications to computer vision, natural language processing
    • TUTORIAL: basic image classifier in Keras
  • problems with centralized machine learning
    • data security and surveillance
    • problems with economic model
  • federated learning
  • security issues with federated learning
    • differential privacy
  • why are blockchains relevant to machine learning?

blockchains + machine learning

  • federated learning on a blockchain
    • Openmined
  • AI + DAOs
  • impact of AI on decentralized applications
    • asset management + “sharing economy”
    • data markets and exchanges
    • mutual funds, insurance, co-ops
  • dangers of AI DAOs
  • Art DAOs


Gene Kogan

Artist and programmer