Anthill Inside Miniconf - Pune

24 November 2017, Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts, Pune

On Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence: concepts and applications and tools.

Anthill Inside offers to bridge the gap between concepts and latest research in ML, DL and AI, with realities on the ground. The Pune edition covers four broad areas:

  1. How to integrate analytics into the fabric of a company.
  2. Introduction to some concepts in math, NLP and ML.
  3. Real-life application of these concepts in molecular biology and advertising.
  4. Evaluation of hardware, cloud and related infrastructure in training ML models and DL networks.

Target audience

  1. Engineers who want to learn concepts in maths, ML and DL.
  2. Engineers who are building data pipelines and mining data in real-time.
  3. Architects and decision-makers who want to implement analytics in their companies.
  4. Masters and doctoral candidates who want to understand real-world developments and how concepts are being applied.

Hands-on workshops:

Data Science from Scratch

In this six-hour immersive workshop, participants will learn fundamental concepts in math, and take a dip into the data science ocean.

Leapfrog with Deep Learning

Learn how to write neural network algorithm from scratch.

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