Meetup on the uses of computer vision in e-commerce

A meetup in Bangalore where we discuss some of the uses of computer vision in e-commerce

9 Sep 2017, 11 AM - 2 PM, WalmartLabs, Bangalore

On 9th September, we’re putting together a meetup at WalmartLabs to discuss about the application of computer vision in e-commerce. One of the key areas in which computer vision is currently used in e-commerce is in “fashion”. Our speakers will walk us through some of the applications and use cases of the same.

We’ll have a series of talks on the following topics.

  • Talk 1: Deep attention networks to auto-tag fashion products at scale with high accuracy by Vijay Gabale. In this talk, Vijay will give us an overview of the problem and focus on aspects like why naive solutions didn’t work for them, why simple CNN-based image classification didn’t work. He will also provide an overview of attention networks using CNN + RNN, attention networks with deconvolution networks & experimentation details on amount of data/compute. This will be followed by details on dataset prepration, training and results.
  • Talk 2: Powering fashion e-commerce with computer vision and deep learning by Vishnu Vardhan Makkapati. Images are a rich source of information to interpret fashionability of a product. Several use cases in fashion e-commerce can be powered if we unlock the inherent fine-grained details in them. The huge catalogue data can be put to good use to realize some of them. In this talk, Vishnu will present an overview of their work on mining catalog images using deep learning and computer vision.

If you’d like to get a sense of the applications of computer vision in e-commerce and interact with practitioners from the industry, this is a great place to be. RSVP now to reserve your spot!


Vijay Gabale

Co-founder and CTO, Huew

Vishnu Vardhan Makkapati

Architect, Myntra



Walmart Labs, Sy No 15/2 & 14, 4th, 5th & 6th Floors. A-Block, Salarpuria Aura Building, Kadubeesenahalli, Outer Ring Road Bangalore