Inside 2017

A conference on deep learning and artificial intelligence

What is Anthill Inside?

In 2016, The Fifth Elephant branched into a separate conference on Deep Learning. Anthill Inside is the new avataar of the Deep Learning conference. Anthill Inside attempts to bridge the gap bringing theoretical advances closer to functioning reality.

What can I expect?

Anthill Inside is a single day conference followed by workshops on the second day. The conference will have full, crisp and lightning talks from morning to evening. The workshops on the next day will introduce participants to neural networks followed by two tracks of three-hour workshops on NLP and Computer Vision / AI.

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MLR Convention Center, Whitefield,

29th July 2017

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Speakers from last year

Anand Chandrasekaran

CTO of Mad Street Den

Dr Anand Chandrasekaran's keynote took us through the history and origin of Deep Learning from the early hype over "Artificial Intelligence", through the hand-crafted algorithms of "traditional" machine learning, to the beginning of actual "deep" learning with hierarchical models.

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Sundara R Nagalingam

Head of Manufacturing and Energy businesses for NVIDIA India

NVIDIA's Sundara Nagalingam gave an overview of a modern Deep Learning stack (software and hardware), advances in GPU computation, and modern tools like CuDNN, CuSPARSE, cuBLAS, DIGITS-NCCL to improve intranode and internode scaling.

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Abhishek Thakur

Senior Data Scientist at Searchmetrics Inc.

Abhishek Thakur gave overview of current advances in the field of Deep Learning and neural networks, the implementation of deepnets using python, and illustrate the use of python with keras and Caffe.

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Vijay Gabale

Co-founder and CTO of Infilect<

Vijay Gabale walked us through the components of building a chat bot for conversational search: intent extraction, dialogue generation, meaningful search, and assistance based conversation, and the relevant Deep Learning techniques, displaying a functioning example.

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Workshops from last year

Intro to deep learning for NLP

Nischal and Raghotham | Co-Founders, Unnati Data Labs

A hands-on introduction to Deep Learning for natural language processing covering common Deep Learning architectures. Understand the basic building blocks of neural networks, supervised learning using multi-layer perceptrons and recurrent neural networks (RNNs), word embeddings using word2vec and text classification using RNNs, and the impact of GPUs on Deep Learning.

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Deep learning for computer vision

Anand Chandrasekaran | CTO of Mad Street Den

An introduction to the nuts and bolts of Deep Learning in computer vision, from neurons to networks. Get familiar with the entire spectrum of of usable networks, from RBMs to CNNs to RNNs, how they're used in computer vision, what works and what doesn't, and the fundamentals on training Deep Learning networks on existing frameworks as well as GPUs.

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Propose a talk

In 2016, The Fifth Elephant branched into a separate conference on Deep Learning. Anthill Inside is the new avataar of the Deep Learning conference. Anthill Inside attempts to bridge the gap bringing theoretical advances closer to functioning reality. Proposals are invited for full length talks, crisp talks and poster/demo sessions in the area of ML+DL. The talks need to focus on the techniques used, and may be presented independent of the domain wherein they are applied. We also invite talks on novel applications of ML+DL, and methods of realising the same in hardware/software.




Why is this event called Anthill Inside?

Anthill Inside

How does cognition emerge from inanimate matter? Douglas Hofstadter, explored this in Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid, where he compared the human brain to a colony of ants. Individual entities — neurons or ants — he argued, can coordinate to result in interesting emergent behaviour; cognition in the case of neurons or an anthill in the case of an ant colony.

Terry Pratchett built on this analogy in his Discworld novels, in which a colony of ants coordinate to make Hex, a fictional self-building computer! Hex also features a sticker that reads 'Anthill Inside', an obvious play on Intel's famous slogan. HasGeek, in turn, borrowed 'Anthill Inside' to help people working on deep learning and artificial intelligence, interact and collaborate with each other to produce something bigger.


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