Anthill Inside 2018

A conference on deep learning and artificial intelligence

25 July 2018, Bangalore

Anthill Inside brings together theorists and practitioners on deep leanrning and machine learning to share ideas and to learn from one another. The conference comprises one day of workshops and one day of talks and presentations. Proposals are invited for full length talks, crisp talks, and poster/demo sessions in the area of ML+DL. The talks need to focus on the techniques used, and may be presented independent of the domain wherein they are applied. We also invite talks on novel applications of ML+DL, and methods of realising the same in hardware/software. Case studies of how DL and ML have been applied in different domains will continue to be discussed at The Fifth Elephant.

The conference is a renowned gathering of data scientists, programmers, analysts, researchers, and technologists working in the areas of data mining, analytics, machine learning and deep learning from different domains. You can visit the Anthill Inside 2017 website or watch the talks. Join the discussion on the [Friends of HasGeek Slack] ( #anthillin by requesting an invitation.

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