Anthill Inside 2019

23-24 July 2019, Bangalore

On Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence: concepts, applications, and tools

Anthill Inside 2019 is the annual meeting of India’s Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning practitioners’ community. It’s the largest gathering of researchers and practitioners in India who are pushing the boundaries. Anthill Inside aims to strengthen the Indian AI community and enable them in their journey in building solutions for India and the world. Anthill Inside is bridging the gap between concepts & latest research with realities on the ground.


22 July Anthill Inside / The Fifth Elephant Workshops
23 July Anthill Inside Tutorials
24 July Anthill Inside Keynotes & Sessions
25 - 26 July The Fifth Elephant Keynotes & Sessions
27 - 28 July Anthill Inside / The Fifth Elephant Workshops

Why you should attend.

More and more businesses are adopting AI to solve their problems. Come to Anthill Inside 2019 and listen to fellow researchers and practitioners about the challenges they faced in their AI journey!

Join discussions on topics of your interest, interact with experts, and learn from the best trainers.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who wants to stay connected with other fellow researchers and practitioners from India and get updated about the developments in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Anyone who is part of a team building an AI product.
  • Members of the academia who want to understand real-world developments and how concepts are being applied.

This edition will bring researchers and practitioners to have a dialogue about the following broad areas:

  • Concepts and applications - theoretical concepts in deep learning, AI and machine learning – and how these have been applied in real life situations / specific domains.
  • Latest tools, frameworks, libraries – how to choose the right technology stack for your needs.
  • Building AI products - the journey of arriving at product, when to use AI, deep learning or machine learning.
  • AI for India - challenges in building solutions for India like understanding conversation in regional languages.
  • Applications of AI - how computer vision, NLP, speech recognition and video analytics are applied in various domains and in building products.
  • AI in Hardware - how AI is being used in self-driving cars, robots etc, how to build high performance systems using GPUs to power AI, other major developments like Google’s TPU.

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