Anthill Inside 2019

23 November, Bangalore

A conference on AI and Deep Learning

About Anthill Inside:

Anthill Inside is a platform for:

  • Data scientists.
  • AI engineers.
  • Cloud providers.
  • Companies which make tooling for AI, ML and Deep Learning.
  • Companies working with NLP and Computer Vision who want to share their work and learnings with the community.

Every year, Anthill Inside brings together 500+ practitioners to discuss conceptual and practical developments in AI and Deep Learning in an environment facilitated by peer review and peer-to-peer learning.

Watch videos from the previous editions on: to learn more about Anthill Inside.

About the 2019 edition of Anthill Inside:

At the 2018 edition of Anthill Inside, a conversation that got most traction and interest was about the hubs and spokes of AI. At a Birds of Feather (BOF) session on the hubs and spokes of AI, we discussed:

  1. Data acquisition and health of data; incorporating label uncertainty while training models.
  2. Retraining models; detecting and handling concept drifts in the data.
  3. DevOps and best practices for model change management; monitoring model health
  4. Human intervention factors, including incorporating learnings from the feedback loop; pointers for moving in the direction of auto-pilot mode.

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Highlights from Anthill Inside 2018

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